Do You Have A Heart

Posted on: April 21st, 2024

Recently I underwent abdominal surgery, and the prep work included two CA Scans, which a dear brother in Christ hearing about, asked, with a broad grin, to be sure and ask my doctor to check to see “if I had a heart?” Well, after my surgery, I thought about his question, and felt obliged to reply. First off, we all know my friend was NOT implying that I did not have a major organ called the heart. He was Not implying that I was careless as to the conditions of others’ pain, hardships, or sorrows, for which the expression “have a heart” is often used. He, of course, was joking, and at that time for me, a good laugh was helpful! But let’s consider this “heart” usage in our Father’s Book. Figures of speech, like body parts, celestial bodies, fish and animals, etc., are widely used in both the Old and New Testaments – Solomon’s heart was not “perfect like his father, David’s”- I Kin. 11:4; and “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”- Mt. 6:21. These are good illustrations of this “heart” word. It is the “seat of our understanding,” our minds, where are located our storage of devotions, belief system, general knowledge, and from which we draw our energies in all sources of our human capacity.

One beautiful example of “heart” comes from an African language translation for our word in English, The Holy Spirit. In English the literal translation is, “one who falls down on the trail beside you.” Now in America for many years, trails have not been the usual
way of travel. In other nations however, “trails” are not just common; they are still the only way to the next village and used for harvesting animals and plants for food and clothing. Hunting for such necessities usually lies with the men of the tribe. They go out in groups for safety, because large animals also hunt for food on those same trails, and those men are on their “Food list!” So, if a man should stumble, or become ill, staying behind alone on the trail would usually mark the end of his life. However, sometimes a fellow tribesman who especially cares for the one that cannot continue, will “fall down on the trail beside him” to give comfort, aid, and as best he can, protection. And there, beloved, is “the heart” of God, The Holy Spirit. He, through our faithful obedience to Their Precious Life Saving Word becomes for us, “The One Who falls down on our trail of life, beside us!” So for today, the real question is not, do we have one; but is our Lord pleased with my “heart,” and yours? And that, beloved, is no joke!
Harland R. Huntoon