Have You Met God?

Posted on: April 16th, 2023

Thinking people know that God exists. The universe as well as this world in which we live reveal the fact of His existence, His intelligence, His power and creativity Ps.19:1-4; Acts 14:17; Rom.1:18-25.  While observing these things tell us of the existence of an all-powerful, intelligent being they tell us nothing of His nature or character. Since we know such a being exists, wouldn’t we like to meet Him?
We know He exists, but He is an invisible Spirit Jn.4:24; 1.Tim.1:17 and as a Spirit He does not have flesh and bone Lk.24:39 so no one can touch Him, hear Him or talk with Him personally 1.Tim.6:16. Yet He wants us to meet Him and know Him, so He has given us a way to meet Him.  
So, how can we meet God if He is invisible, and we can’t see or talk with Him personally? Let’s go back to the time of creation. When God created us humans, He created us “in His own image.” This was not a physical image, but a spiritual image. He created in us something that was not in other living creatures. He gave a mind (the ability to think, to reason, to communicate) whereby we could meet Him and know Him. But how would this help man to meet God?
Along with a mind God gave us His inspired word 2.Tim.3:16-17. When man uses his mind to read the inspired word and has it implanted in his mind Jas.1:21 man will not only know who God is but will also know what God expects of us human beings who have been created “in His own image.”  
This is how we meet God, through His word. Every time one reads or thinks on God’s word one meets God. When one receives His word and believes it faith in God and His Saving Son is developed Rom.10:17 which leads one to be saved when the word is obeyed Matt.7:21-23; Jas.1:22-25.
Have you met God? If not, why not do so by studying His word? If you have already met Him, how often do you continue to do so?
Have you ever heard someone say, “Nothing ever works out for me.” Or “I can’t win for losing.” These are statements of frustration of one who is really saying “Life is just not working for me.” People making such complaints fail to understood who God and that He gave man the gift of life and a world of good things in which to enjoy it.  
Why doesn’t life work for some people? One reason is they don’t really know their purpose for God giving them life is that they might honor, glorify and serve Him. They are out of step with God, trying to guide their own steps instead of listening to God which is foolish Jer.10:23; Prov.14:12. Some allow the god of this world to blind their eyes to the love and mercy of God. They love the material world thinking that will satisfy them, not knowing that the things of the world are temporal and will soon be destroyed 1.Jn.2:15-17. Others follow the majority doing things that are evil and end up suffering dire consequences.
All the above reasons can be summed up in one major reason. The basic reason life doesn’t work for many people is that they are out of step with God. When God created man His intention was for man to honor and serve Him as Creator/ Instead man chose to sin, and not only did they bring shame and disgrace along with suffering to mankind they also brought separation from God Isa.59:1-2..God wanted man to be “holy even as He is holy” 1.Pet.1:15-16 and until man rights himself with God and is made holy and reconciled to God life will continue to not work for people.
Life will work for you when you are made holy by being reconciled to God through His Son 2.Cor.5:17-21; Heb.5:9.

This reconciliation takes place when one is made a new creation by being born again and regenerated Jn.3:3-5; Tit.3:5; Gal.3:27  In Christ one learns to let God direct His steps knowing that God will work all things for good to him who loves the Lord Prov.3:3-6; Rom.8:28.