Not Just Another Day

Posted on: September 6th, 2015

This is just another day. Nothing special is going on and it’s a day like we have had a “million” times before. We get up and eat breakfast, get the kids off to school, and go to work to do the same stuff we do every day. Not a real exciting day. Then we come home, eat supper, help the kids with homework, watch a little television, and go to bed. Tuesday is a lot like Monday, and Wednesday is a lot like Tuesday, and so on. Saturdays have a little more variety, but not much. Sundays we spend worshipping God and time with family and friends. Week after week and month after month, each day looks a whole lot alike.

While your routine may differ, I am sure you understand what I mean by “This is just another day.” Living is a lot about doing the same ole same ole day after day. That means everyone, no matter who they are or what they do, suffers a little boredom.

You might say, “Wait a minute, if I could do this or that life would never be boring.” We may look at someone else and think “what a wonderful and exciting life they have.” However, we need to understand that no one’s days are thrilling all the time. We need to make life good in both ordinary and exciting times. Besides, most of us want some routine and planning in our lives. We know how a well-ordered and calm life gives comfort and peace.

Even Christian lives can become routine as we settle into living. We have families to take care of and jobs to do. One day begins to look like the next. Nothing wrong with any of this so long as we do not take time for granted.

None of us should waste or abuse God’s gift of life by squandering away our days. Paul tells us to walk carefully and to make the best use of our time. (Eph. 5:15-16) Jesus speaks of a young man who not only wasted his estate with loose living, but his time as well. (Luke 15:11-32) Peter says we should live the rest of our time “for the will of God.” (1 Peter 4:1-2) While most days differ little from others, we should never think of any day as just another day.

If days look alike because we repeat much of our schedule, then why not make sure they look alike by doing right? God wants us to fill every day with the habits and customs that make us better Christians. (2 Peter 1:5-10) We should make a practice of praying, reading the Bible, and studying God’s Word. Talk to people about Christ and encourage those who are down. Love your Christian family in words and deeds. (1 John 3:18) This is our normal routine if we want to please God.

Let me also say that doing the same ole same ole day after day does not have to be boring. The truth is, there’s not that much difference from one life to another anyway. We sleep and we wake up, we take in food, and we are around people. While routine is a part of our lives, no day is just another day. Each moment of time is unique and special because it is all we have guaranteed.

Christians have normal lives in many respects, but they also have a godly practice that sets them apart. Every day we serve God and our risen Savior by following the Words of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 2:9-13) It is a routine that can adjust to the day’s needs by calling on someone who is sick or discouraged. The present is what God gives us to do what we need to do.

For just a little while, imagine today is your last day alive. It is your last chance to do or say whatever you feel is important. If I knew Sunday, September the sixth, was going to be my last day here, I might treat this date a little differently than normal. I don’t believe it would be a wholesale change from my normal routine, but some changes might be good. If I was in other wise good health, I would attend services Sunday morning and afternoon where I could glorify God’s Name. It would be good to spend part of my last day with brothers and sisters in Christ. (Heb. 10:24-25) I would want my family and close friends near, and I would like the chance to set my affairs in order. Much of my last day would be spent in prayer and thanksgiving. (Phil. 4:6) This would not be just another day.

Jesus lived each day of His life to serve and please His Father. He traveled, performed miracles, and taught the people. (Mark 8:27) Our Lord nursed close friendship, He prayed often, and was loving and kind. Jesus also faced people who hated Him and wanted His death. Most days in His ministry were “just another day.” Not that every day was exactly alike in every detail, but the details always fit who He was. Jesus knew when His last day was going to be and His conduct around that time was not too different from what He did every day. Christ continued to serve and please the Father, to teach the people and to encourage His followers. He prayed to God and set His affairs in order. He wanted to be near His family and close friends, but most of them forsook Him at the end. (Matt. 26 & 27) Was this just another day?
Terry Starling