Posted on: August 7th, 2011

“I have had much self inflicted pain in my past; God allows things to happen to us to teach us that our stubborn streaks need to end.”Alvin Donel

“Many view the church as a hotel for the saved, rather than a hospital for sinners.” RB

“Many times God rewards secret kindnesses openly. He prizes our humility.” Shar Poulin

“We do not work earthly jobs to find self fulfillment.” Terry Starling

“It is a solemn responsibility to discipline our children. Self control is a major tenet of our faith and we must instill it in our children.” Rowdy Stone

“If the devil can get us to take enough breaks, to find enough side projects, so that we’re distracted– he’s won.” David Watson

“If you don’t like people, love people, then everything you do with them is just obligatory.” JB

“We have a God who is absolutely dead serious about the details.” Josh Brockwell

“If we are ignorant of anything concerning our salvation, it is because we choose to be so. God has provided all we need in His Word.” Alan Wood

“We need to take prayer more seriously. What are we doing? We’re talking to God.” Tim Mora

“Many of us get too busy to read our Bible every day; but I’ve never gone a whole day without eating.” Brandon Starling

“When we don’t test our self control we fail ourselves.” Rowdy Stone

“To follow Jesus, our desires have to take a back seat to Him.” RB

“We all have a different part in Christ’s Body… and we shouldn’t all fight to be the part that just sits in the pew.” JB

“Today, I am not imprisoned by yesterday’s flaws.” Terry Starling

“Slaves don’t own their property. It belongs to their Master. Our Master is God.” Rowdy Stone

“Are you telling someone something… letting him think something that is not the whole truth? That’s taking refuge in that lie. We must be taking refuge in the Lord.” Phil Crumpton

“The world says truth is variable… personal… a choice. We know better! We must practice honesty, as we are stewards of truth.” Jeremy Koontz

“Our goal is not to be different for the sake of being different, but because we are Christians, the choices we make (in serving God) cause the world to see us as different.” JB

“Discipline helps us grow as God’s people.” Rowdy Stone

“Where do I fit in God’s Kingdom? What is my job to do?” JB

“Without love, bearing with one another is just a chore.” JB