Success In Spite Of Failure

Posted on: July 9th, 2023

I am reminded of a Bible truth from two well-known illustrations of success in spite of failure. One involves the great baseball player Babe Ruth, who had a record-setting 714 home runs. Did you know the “Babe” also reportedly struck out more than any other player in history: 1, 330 times. You might say Ruth had nearly two failures for every home run he hit. But Babe Ruth didn’t let his baseball failures keep him from baseball success.
Another interesting example of success in spite of failure was a young man who ran for the Illinois legislature, but was badly defeated. He then entered business and failed, and spent years paying off his debts. Then the young woman he loved, and was engaged to, died. He then entered politics again, and ran for Congress, but was badly defeated. Then he tried to get an appointment to the U. S. Land Office, but failed. Then he became a candidate for the U. S. Senate, and was badly defeated. Two years later he was defeated again. A man who experienced one failure and setback after another- but he kept on trying, and became one of the greatest men in the history of our nation: President Abraham Lincoln.
The reason I’ve mentioned all of that, is to remind you of the importance of not giving up our determination to serve God. You see, the difference between who will be saved in Heaven or condemned in Hell isn’t that some sin and others don’t. No, we all sin (Rom. 3: 23; 1 Kgs 8: 46).). The difference is that some turn away from their sins, and turn back to God, and others won’t! You see, we all fall into sin, but the difference is that some who fall into sin get up again by obtaining God’s forgiveness, and others just GIVE UP!
My friend, don’t let the failures of the past keep you from succeeding in the future. Don’t let your past sins cause you to give up. Instead of GIVING UP, GET UP from the failures by turning to God for His forgiveness. You can believe in Christ, repent of your sins, confess His glorious name, and be baptized “for the remission of your sins” (Mk. 16: 16; Acts 2: 38; Lk. 24: 47; Acts 10: 9-10; 8: 37). Think on these things.