The Homosexual Agenda versus Christian Silence

Posted on: January 20th, 2013

(Editor’s note:  This article was written by Brother Joel Maldonado, one of our members, about the duty of Christians to speak out concerning homosexuality.  We must uphold the Bible’s teaching on all other moral issues.  It also complements last Sunday night’s sermon on the same topic, presented by Ben Rodriguez.

We want people to know that we do not hate the sinner, but we hate the sin.  We also want people to know that God’s grace is sufficient to forgive all sin, if the sinner repents and obeys His Will.  Our interest in this subject comes from our desire to reach the lost.  TS)

As I rewind time about 35 years or so in my head, I am taken to the innocence of my childhood.  I contently watched Sesame Street on PBS. One of my favorite Muppets was Bert and Ernie.  All a child was supposed to learn from Bert and Ernie was the simple lessons in life: sharing, getting along, and some basic common sense themes. Life was simple for a child and for the most part, the innocence of a child was something to be respected and protected by parents, educators, and even television personas.

Let’s go up 35 years to the present. It is granted that things have changed with more media resources such as: the world-wide web, multiple cable/satellite viewing options, social media, and the lists go on and on. Life has changed. Did you know that after Jim Henson (the creator of the Muppets) died, it was contemplated that Ernie would come out of the closet and proclaim he was gay? (Source: Sesame Workshop, The homosexual agenda has slowly and methodically gone from surreptitiously indoctrinating our children, to overtly and proudly proclaiming it.  We can argue whether the co-opting and embracing of innocent symbols (rainbows, purple triangles, mums, and red ribbons, Source: StoneWall Society) by the homosexual agenda is an attempt to reach our children, or whether it is an innocent coincidence.  That argument is an exercise in futility now because nothing is hidden anymore, if it ever was, it is now clearly in the open.

Presently, children are being told that “it’s okay to be gay” by educators and the media (Source: It’s okay 2B Gay campaign and Think B4 You speak campaign), “Gay Days” at Disney World is an overt advertising campaign by the Disney Company, which has been reported in the news (Source: Disney World/Gay When my son Christian was a baby, I witnessed a Sesame Street Elmo episode in which pictures of several slides were shown of the “different” family situations. Many families were pictured of different races and one of the pictures depicted a man with his arm around another man with a child in between the two. This is done under the pretext of “tolerance” and embracing diversity. Unfortunately, the indoctrination does not end at childhood. Teachers in our public school system are running lock-step with this gay agenda while affirming this lifestyle and indoctrinating our children. By the time our children are Seniors in High School, they are not only unfathomed by the immoral gay lifestyle, they are often sympathetic to them.  They often know or may be friends with gay students. Yes I said it, gay students! On FaceBook the other day, I read a post from a young man (freshman in high school) proclaiming that he was gay.  I read the comments to see for myself just how bad his friends were going to” let him have it”. I was shocked! His friends male and female were praising and congratulating him.

Why are people of our society “coming out” in droves? Why are people proclaiming their homosexuality at such a young age? Why are people proclaiming they are gay at all?  As aforementioned, the homosexual agenda has indoctrinated them to think its okay.  The other reason is that there is no shame anymore!  Homosexuals are having “coming out” parties, with friends and family present to celebrate their “decision”.  Homosexuals are often labeled as “courageous”, “heroic”, and “brave” for publicly professing their lifestyle.  At the same time, someone who proclaims their faith in Christ is labeled as “intolerant”, “homophobic”, “close-minded” and a “hater” by the very same people that are demanding “tolerance”. One truly courageous and heroic Mr. Dan T. Cathy owner of the Chic-Fil-A Fast Food Chain publicly affirmed his belief.  He didn’t insult anyone or call anyone out; he simply said the truth that marriage should be between one man and one woman (Mt. 19:5).  Did anyone see the tolerance and love from the other side?  I guess tolerance has its limits (Jn 3:20).

Many in the homosexual lifestyle and their sympathizers are quick to point out that Christians are supposed to be tolerant.  It is partially true that Christians are supposed to be gentle with others (Phil 4:5; 1Tim 3:3; Tit. 3:2).  We are also commanded to be forbearing (1Cor 4:12; Eph 4:2; Col 3:13).  However, Christians are NOT supposed to be silent in regard to sin! (Eph 5:11)  In this case, homosexuality is a sin and condemned by God (1Cor 6:9).

Christ was not tolerant of sinful lifestyles (Mt 23:1ff; JN 4:17-18,22). The Apostle Paul was not tolerant of sinful lifestyles (1 Cor 6:9-10).  Peter was not tolerant of sinful lifestyles (1Pet 4:3). The early Christians were not tolerant of sinful lifestyles (1 Cor 5:1-13; Eph 5:11).

Why should a Christian remain silent while the homosexual agenda indoctrinates our children? Why should a Christian remain silent while bombarded with gay symbols and programming? Why should a Christian remain silent when a sin is exposed?  We certainly aren’t taught in the Bible to sit idly by and not stand up for God and all that is good. Maybe we are afraid of these very loud and outspoken proponents of the homosexual lifestyle.  Maybe we are afraid of being called “intolerant” or any other name.  We as Christians should expect to be tested and rejoice in such a fact (James 1:2). One thing I learned from the Chic-Fil-A hysteria is that the majority of Americans support the courage of Mr. Cathy and the principles for which he took a stand.

This Fall there are at least four new comedic sitcoms that will bombard our airwaves.  One of them is called “Partners”, another is called “The New Normal”, and yet another called “Modern Family”.  Just observe the titles: “partners”, “normal”, “modern”: these are all good words to substantiate a deviant and sinful lifestyle.  One way we can let our voices be heard is by not watching such immoral programming that aims to paint this lifestyle as “cute”, “modern”, and “normal”! I do not have a problem with these people as people.  They might be cute, modern, and normal for all I know; however, it is the sin of the homosexual act that I do not approve or embrace. If America saw their SIN, then they might not think of them as so “normal” or “cute”.

We know we have God on our side that loves us (JN 3:16).  We have faith in knowing that we have a God that rewards us for standing up to the truth and what is right (Heb. 11:6). We know we have a God that will not leave us alone and afraid (Is. 41:10)  Knowing all this, we need to stand up for our children, we need to stand up for our country, and most importantly we need to stand up for Christ.  If we want to be unafraid to fast forward, we need to break the silence and allow our voices to be heard today so we can write a better tomorrow.
Joel Maldonado