Posted on: July 7th, 2019

Phil and Cathy Crumpton are settling into their new living arrangements in the Dallas area. Phil is living with Dusty and Bonnie, his son and daughter-in-law, at 366 Fairlanding Ave, Fairview, TX 75069. Cathy has moved into an assisted living facility so she can get the medical help she needs. Her address is 3392 Medical Center Drive, McKinney, TX 75069.

Daniel wrote a very nice article about his dad and mom, which was sent to our members via email on June 27th. Some of our members do not get email and so I am including it in this bulletin.

“I wanted to pass this onto the congregation since there are so many newer members. Phil & Cathy Crumpton made the move to Woodlawn Hills pre 1982 from the Pecan Valley church of Christ. They settled at the congregation due to the logistics of where they lived and where they could grow their family spiritually. In the late 80s the eldership appointed my father as a deacon until becoming a shepherd of the flock in the 1990s. Which he served in that important role until around 2004-06. My father played a big role for our family by being a strong spiritual leader and provider. Which included little to no sleep while accomplishing a double masters and working two jobs when i was little. During that time and in recent years he was active in the Work by song leading,  preaching, teaching classes and private marriage counseling for Christian families. Even though my parents struggled attending services due to health complications over the past few years. They still made sure to have people over for lunch or dinner when they could. I know I will truly miss seeing them here in San Antonio. But I felt there was a need to express what a big blessing they have been to the former Woodlawn Hills congregation and the current Grissom road family. The plan is they will be relocating next week to the north Dallas suburb area. My mother will live in a nice room furnished with personal belongings to make her feel at home at an assisted living facility. While my father will be moving in with my middle brother and sister in-law.
This is all quick and a big change for the Crumpton-Neff-Holt families. I know this move is not easy for my father, brothers and I along with my mother’s siblings. Please keep my parents in your prayers and the family on a safe move.

God bless,

Daniel Crumpton


I have known Phil and Cathy for much of my life and can say that both were and are positive influences for the cause of Christ. Their love for our Lord and their kind treatment of others shines brightly for all to see. The Grissom Road Congregation will greatly miss them.

From a personal perspective, Phil and Cathy encouraged and commended my efforts to preach and teach. Deidra and I have been apart of the Grissom Road Congregation for nearly ten years, and people like Phil and Cathy have made our time here enjoyable and spiritually profitable. Their friendship is truly a blessing.

Terry Starling